Rules and Regulations for parents

Admission Rules:-

● The school session is from April to March.

● Parents / Guardians seeking admission for their wards shall apply in the month of January with the prescribed registration fee.

● An admission test is held in Feb each year to ascertain the grade to which a student may be admitted.

● Parents / Guardians are instructed to fill-in the admission forms with utmost accuracy. No changes will be permitted after the submission of forms.

● Transfer certificate will be required from the candidates coming from another school.

Vacation Rules:

● The school has two long vacations during the year and other holidays are specified in the school calendar. These are not to be extended or anticipated.

● Attendance will be compulsory on the re-opening day after each holiday.

● Students failing to abide by this rule will expose themselves to disciplinary action.

School Rules:

● Late comers will not be allowed to enter the school and will be sent home at the risk of parents / Guardians. The school will not take any responsibility in such case.

● Every student is expected to attend the school regularly and on time.

● All leaves must be applied in writing to Principal. No student shall proceed on leave without sanction and permission, especially when the leave exceeds one day. Birthday, excursion, urgent work, cold cough etc. ate not valid reasons for leaves.

● Merely applying for leave is not enough; it has to be sanctioned (granted) by the Principal.

● Parents / Guardians are not allowed to meet their wards during school hours.

* Any unauthorized absence for ten or more working days (other than in case of illness) shall lead to the removal of student's name from the roll.
* Students with names removed from the roll will have to take fresh admission with the Principal's permission.
* No student is allowed to leave the school premises or sent home alone during school hours without explicit permission of the principal. In case of an urgent need a duly authorized person should come to fetch him/her with a note of authority and Identity Card from the parents/guardians.

● Speaking in English is compulsory for the students with in the school campus. Students found speaking in Hindi/ regional languages are liable to disciplinary action.

● Parents are welcome to meeting the Principal to discuss the progress of their child during visiting hours with prior appointment.

● Crescent Public School students behave in proper manner on their way to and from school. They should remember that the school is judged by their conduct in the society.

Disciplinary Rules:

● In no way should students disfigure the walls of the school. Scribbling on the walls is strictly prohibited.

● Any damage done to the school property will be compensated by the pupil concerned.

● All correspondence should be addressed to the Principal

● No student is allowed to leave the classroom without the permission of the teacher and with a class pass.

● Students are excepted to come to school with taught lessons revised and homework done.

● Pending work will not be done in the school. Parents are responsible to get it complete at home only

● Students should come to school neatly dressed (clean uniform, proper size, nail trimmed, pair of shoes polished, proper haircut).

● Girls students are not allowed to apply Mehndi, wear jewellery or have any nails polished.

● The school is not responsible for the goods lost by the students. They are advised not to bring expensive articles to school.

● Students should take care of their books and notebooks. They should write name, roll no, subject and class on each of them.

● Students are expected to bring their tiffin with them. No tiffins are allowed during school hours.

● All the students are expected to take an active part in all the co-curricular activities.

● No Half Days are allowed during school routine.

● Students should treat others respectfully and address others by their actual names. Calling fellow students with nicknames or spreading rumours etc. is strictly probhited.

● School diary should be brought to school daily.

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