Why CPS !!

All the doubts get cleared once you have words with any CPS student. The poise, dignity and zeal with which they speak regarding their time spent at CPS and most especially the earnest love & relationships they share with teachers, staff members, counselors and peer group, excites any listener questioning "Why not CPS?" Besides gaining academic achievements, every child at CPS is inspired to perform the best of their latent in sports, music, dance, drama, debates and even in the technology as well as other skill related events.

Aims and Objectives !!

Crescent Public School does their best to inculcate an enduring spirit of learning, integrity and responsible citizenship in students. Our school is based on faith, communal respect & sympathy and all members are answerable for maintaining these values.

The School is devoted to impart learning abilities, betterment of visionary interest, brilliance and creativeness in all disciplines and great involvement in extra curriculum activities. We continuously strive to boost our wards to widen the horizon of thinking, self-confidence and deftness in expressing ideas. We anticipate that our student will leave CPS with a promise to serve others and environment along with groovier understanding of themselves and of their duties towards society.

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